Collaboration between Montblanc and the Dar Alfann Gallery

What has fashion become today? This matter has been transforming throughout the history of humanity. It has been a type of art, a way to demonstrate belonging to a certain social group, and, of course, a powerful self-expression tool.

Today fashion might be the most multidimensional industry in the world. It becomes a powerful participant in the fight for justice and diversity; it supports, gives hope, and forms our reality.


The fashion industry has a long history of collaboration with trendy artists and cutting-edge designers from various fields, backgrounds, and countries. Those collaborations often result in unique collections and items, ultimate artistic masterpieces that enter history books.

However, Montblanc – a leading fashion brand and manufacturer of luxury accessories and leather goods, went beyond the traditional collaboration vision. For the session of Leather Marquage activation that will take place in the Montblanc at City Center located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the brand has chosen  Dar Alfann Gallery – a unique establishment that emphasizes preservation and development of art from Arabian Gulf countries.

Moreover, symbolizing the importance of life communication and connection today, the project is planned as a live event.

It will take place in the Montblanc store located at the prestigious City Centre on March 20 and 27. The Dar Alfann gallery’s top-artists will create their leather marquage masterpieces with Montblanc leather goods in front of the audience.


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